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This is great... I am now waking up with my throat hurting, which means...Jade is most likely getting sick...which is No good whatsoever...why? Because my concert is on Thursday and I want to do my best. This sucks.

Today is mother's day...so happy mothers day to everyone's mommy. :)

I saw my wonderful Chris last night and it was a fun -filled night full of laughter, kisses, and stupid little conversations. Seeing him makes my day brighter, and clearer. He makes everything that troubles me go away. I love him and it sucks not seeing him everyday.

So some of my close girlfriends are talking to two incredibly spunky hilarious guys. One I see working out for a LONG time and the other...well the other I see working out a for a little less than a long time. But you never know now do yah? Oh there is also one more girlfriend of mine but I wouldn't consider her talking to him, its just a very COMPLICATED situation. But he is and awesome guy nonetheless. ;)

Relationships are very hard to keep up with and to keep going sometimes...and lately I've been seeing that more and more, one person can be hurting the other can be doubting, and then theres a whole load of miscommunication. But if you really love that person try your best not to say and do all these hurtful things, just give that person love because you NEVER will find a person like that again so if you lose them, you've lost something great. Think about that, because I have.

SAT's are coming up for me. June 5th. I'm just going to relax, it is just a test. A test that decides your whole future but a test. lol. I'm going to start studying for that again. Boston sounds so nice right now. I really hope I can get in.

I'm going to start working this summer...hopefully with Jen at her uncles place, because that will be nice. We get to talk about everything while getting paid and working for her funny ass uncle. Its sounds exciting. Speaking of Jen, I saw him last night, at sunset. But I didn't say hi, he was with his friend and I didnt want him to give me a weird look again lmao. so yeah.

I have homework I should get started on and I think my American History teacher is crazy. Two essays in one hour about a subject I don't really want to know about right now. So she is on my sucky-pooh list.

I'm probably going to be in for something tomorrow, we'll see.


Oh and Audrey I just wanted to say I love you and that I heard a song from Modest Mouse yesterday and they sound awesome, and um...I looked them up and virgin. I didn't have enough cash to buy it, but I noticed they've been around for a while so I was like coolness. haha just thought I should let you know:)
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