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Well..Math Final...pretty simple.

History Final..holy cow! It was horrible..I guessed like basically the whole test...and I studied too.

Saw Chris afterschool...It was great...well the beginning was kinda rough because he was mad at me for something that happened last night...but then we saw Harry Potter which by the way was the BEST and we just spent time together walking around and kissing and holding hands. You know...the things that couples do. I enjoyed my day with him very much. I miss him already. =( He's leaving for the cruise on Saturday. He's going to be gone for 7 days!! I need something to do with myself for that time. I have to make plans. Things on my side have been kinda rough in the relationship, but I've gotten over it...and things are going back to normal.

Oh man tomorrow is going to be easy as hell when it comes to finals but its also going to be sad as hell saying goodbye to my 6th period. I love that period, the people I spend time with and my teacher. I am so taking pictures tomorrow. It's going to be sad. =( I don't want to think about it lol.

Well school is ending and I am that much closer to becoming a senior.

man I need a job.

I have to call this place.

ahh my 6th period =( Mr. Perez =( =(!

Goodluck tomorrow =)
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