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Yo you guys.

I'm dying.

It's so sad how I am so attached to chris. I love him..no matter how much shit has happened to us...I love him...I just hope he loves me as much as I do right now.

I hope he's missing me as much as I am missing him..i doubt it..he has mike and yosuel to keep him company 24/7 literally.

Yesterday I had fun...I went to see Supersize me with Joey....and it was cool. I haven't had a night like that in a while. We talked about chris and his love life and then we were interrupted my a bum named skip haha I think that was one of the best moments...Joey and I were like oh man haha...and we gave skip some change and rushed out of that place. It was fun..it makes me realize how much I miss going out with my friends and talking mad shit. Its not like with chris where we would go out talk like we normally do and make out and talk and then leave. Not that thats bad..I love kissing chris...it has to be my favorite thing =) and how I miss his lips right now....

well w/e...just 4 more days. '

OOO..I talked to Jen Jen today =D I missed her...I love her! we are so going to hang out one of these days.

I've been working out...I've lost like two pounds! GO JADE!! lol

Hope your summer isn't as boring as mine

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