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J to the A to the D to the E

30 August
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"for sure!!", "he-man saying", "insert", "november rain", "wakasuki", "wow", 323cibmw, abercrombie and fitch, acting majorly stupid, all american rejects, art, artists, aurora, australia, big kitchens, black, blue, children, chocolate, clouds, coldplay, colors, cookies, cooking, cuddling, dancing, dane, dashboard confessional, deep blue, depeche mode, designing, dispatch, downtown/brickell, dreaming, driving, drums, elliott morris, emo glasses, eyes, family, finch, flip flops, gap, goofing around, greenday, gucci rush, guitars, guys, history, hollister, hopeless romantics, horror movies, hot hot heat, hot water, humming songs, interior designing, interpol, ireland, irish and australian accents, italian, james dean, jazz, jenny suarez, kissing, kitchens, koalas, late night conversations, laughing, lemonade, life, lipgloss, local band shows, local bands, love, making wierd faces, mandi, meadow, meeting different people, messy hair, moondancing, movie nights, movies, museums, music, musicaltheater, musicians, my mom, nada surf, nail polish, nectar, new york, nirvana, old bands, open minded people, out-of-reach, phantom planet, pictures, pisces, pizza, pooka shells, punk, radio head, rain, rebels, ricky's lips, rooney, salads, save arcana, saying dude, screaming, shopping, singing, skateboarding, skinny guys, sleeping, sleeping beauty, smiles, something corporate, stars, stephanie lawston, strawberries, studios, sugarcult, surfing, sweets, taking back sunday, taking pictures, the 80s, the ataris, the clash, the dark, the juliana theory, the police, the starting line, the used, the vines, thinking, traveling, trust company, u2, van morisson, vanilla coffee frappacino's, vanilla scented candles, vans, water, white water rafting, working my ass off, yellowcard, zelda