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I see myself writing in this thing a lot more now since I have nothing better to do with my life.

Um..my grades this 9 weeks are going to suck. But whatever thats what I get for slacking off.

In sixth period we are watching the Italian Job and I am so into it...it's a pretty good movie. I keep making stupid little comments throughout the movie but I can't help it...I have no control over it. I think that's my favorite period of the day...it's just so chill.

My SAT's are this saturday! I'm freakin' out you guys! I know its not going to be good. oh man!

I'm working out again and going on a diet...well starting a diet. No carbs and no sugars. awesome huh? I know it sucks...but I want to lose some weight.

I'm craving a cookie. haha I am so bad.

This week needs to end now.

I want to see chris...so I can talk to him in person, and fall in love all over again. lol not really, but just so I can see him..I miss him.

I want to see Harry Potter!!! I'm seeing it on Friday! yay!=) I love Ron!!

alright you guys..I'm going to study for the SAT's ...<3 you!

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